Artist Spotlight Austin Poe on

Formerly known as E-Money, Chicago rapper Austin Poe set out to start fresh this year. Over the summer he dropped the video for his new single “Soul Flow” hoping to pass along positive vibes to anyone who would listen. Now, the rapper is back with another hot track. Dubbed “Picture Me Rollin’” the video, directed by ShooterClub LA, pays homage to Tupac’s All Eyez On Me track of the same name. Check it out above.

When asked about the video by Respect Magazine, Poe said “I just wanted to tell people to keep your vision strong when you on your journey and chasing your goals. If you’re keeping dope energy around you, you can make it happen. Mindset is a powerful thing, so catch these vibes and enjoy the ride.”

So far the rapper hasn’t mentioned anything about an album, but hopefully, he’ll give us something good in the new year.